Razvan Ghita

Coach, Trainer, Therapist

About myself

The coach is a magician of change, that examines the play cards that you have, in order to help you play better. At the same time, they can guide you do that you can change the rules of the game, or maybe find another game, that’s more suited for you.

I work as a coach for 5 years, during which I grew up with my clients, I’ve built transforming programs and I’ve enjoyed the successes of those that trusted me.

I invested also in my own growth and development, professionally and personally. I followed the strongest transforming programs, by bringing value into my life, and also in the lives of those that choose to work with me.

I graduated the Institute of Research and Development of Excellence, psychologist and therapist in forming. I also practice hypnosis therapy (trenches), which brings more value both in one on one and in group sessions.

Services offered

Video Sessions | Audo sessions | Messages


I am guided in life by the principle “Lead, let others lead or move over.” This has made me analyze myself, take the right decisions for me in the situation I’m facing. Besides coaching, I’m also passionate about extreme sports and outdoor adventures, this way we take care of my mind, soul and  body.

The moment I discovered coaching, it’s become a turning point in my life. I could basically say that my life is shared in before and after coaching. I gained clarity in order to overcome my situation and blockages that I faced, I easily reached my goals and I’ve inspired others to reach theirs.

You can talk to a coach in order to reach an objective, be it professional, personal or maybe you want to be good in a certain field. It’s possible that you need a coach to overcome some blockages that are preventing your life to go well. Even me, I have my own coach, because I believe in my job, you can never say “Okay, that’s enough!” When you think it’s enough, actually you hardly started.