The first mobile app from Romania exclusively dedicated to online coaching services. With the AmCoach app you can find your right coach, because you have access instantly to a list of coaching experts, from which you can request sessions even without an appointment.


Mentoring – valuable instrument

The main role of the mentoring is to reduce moving the staff within the organization, initiating those which are to be promoted in leadership positions and quickly developing the best of them. This training process is started in a very well designed system and needs to have a support structure and use the tools to ensure efficiency.

Being one of the oldest approaches in management, mentoring is known and used as a valuable tool in the organizational development as well as the improvement for the business results. The mentoring process refers to the guiding and counseling an employee that has less experience than the mentor. The final purpose is to develop the personal potential of the young employee. The mentoring is focused mainly over the objectives of their careers long term and have no effects on immediate results. Many times, it’s done beyond the chain of command, by person within or outside of the company.

The desire becomes the objective when you begin working to it, when you set your path and you take the first step towards fulfilling these desires. You can take the first step right now!

In a pleasant and safe environment, where the personal information and your identity are protected, you can begin a new journey, where the objectives are set in accordance with the wishes and your long term aspirations. It’s time for you to be yourself, like you truly want!
A coach will not deliver any answers, but they will make you discover the answers that you need on your own. It will help you gain clarity and it will move you forward, because spinning in a circle can become really costly, for you and for those around you. A coach will be by your side when there are negative patterns, you lack confidence and you fear change, in order to find a solution that’s right for you, and that you life can be as you want it.

Frequently asked questions

Coaching 1 on 1 is the dialogue between the coach and the client where the client wants to progress or change some aspect in their lives. While the dialogue is focused often on work situations, career or business, coaching can help with every aspect of your life over many sessions. Oftentimes it’s necessary to explore these personal of our lives to realize what we truly want and how we may get what we want.

Coaching creates the space in order to explore the possibilities, to gain clarity and trust. A coach guides and challenges you to reach your best decisions. They help you reflect on your thoughts, feelings and ideas. To express your fears. To face your challenges.

Some people only want one or two sessions in order to gain clarity in their ideas or plans. Most of the customers buy a package of 5-10 sessions (which comes out cheaper at the price/session). For each person it’s different, depending on the goal they want to achieve. It’s recommended to buy a number of sessions to gain a monitoring from the coach. It’s quite difficult to solve what you want in a single session.

Yes, with one exception. If the coach believes that you are intent on hurting yourself or harm another person, then the coach has to report this to the authorities. Otherwise, the coach doesn’t discuss your work with anybody.

If you have a mental disorder which is diagnosed, or if the coach believes that you need professional help from a therapist or psychologist. In this case they will probably recommend another type of specialist.

The price varies from one coach to the next next. Bigger price doesn’t mean a better quality service. Many coaches want to change lives for the better, they want their sessions to be accessible so as many people as possible can benefit from this service.

Yes, for whatever reason. You always have the option to contact your coach through the chat in the app. You can cancel the session or you can reschedule it.

Yes. It’s important you resonate, to feel a connection with the chosen coach in order to have the best results.

If you wish that, of course. The AmCoach platform only asks for your email in order to send the invoice from the session, to let you know new events, news and information about AmCoach. AmCoach only has access to your name as you enter it in your app and you can change it in your profile settings.

Yes. It’s proven that all the online coaching sessions are effective if the user has the wish to improve or change.

Yes. There are coaches which offer their services without any appointment and coaches that work with appointments. In the app, permanently, you may find coaches which are connected, their info, photo, name and reviews of people that have done sessions with those coaches.

Of course. Once you chose the coach for the session you can check the coache’s calendar and choose a date that suits you. If you don’t find the right time you may write to the coach through the chat in the app or you may choose another that is more in line with your calendar.

Payment can be done with the credit or debit car, through our app when you make an appointment with the chosen coach.

The payment system is totally secure. We use the Stripe platform (one of the largest and most secure payment systems in the world) and the credit card information will not pass through our services.

Yes. Every coach is checked by AmCoach as their accreditation. We don’t allow coaches without accreditation to work on the AmCoach platform.