Cristina Bara

Coach Trainer Speaker

About myself

From an early age I wanted Excellence. I invested time and worked hard to improve myself every day. At some point, I realized that my own excellence does not bring me happiness, that the real Passion is to help those around me to become better, to reach their goals and the potential they were born with.

The sparkle in the eyes of people who manage to find their way is something that motivates me to be in continuous development and assures me that providing value to people is my destiny.

The path I chose is: Through Coaching, Training, Behavioral Consulting

Services offered

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Because it was a tool that changed my life. In the coaching process I became aware of who I am and what is the right direction for me, I gained clarity and focus, I kept myself motivated and took clear steps towards my dream by reaching the proposed goals

One of the limiting beliefs I encounter in my clients that holds them back is: The Knowledge Gap. “Cristina, I want to take action but I don’t know how!” – is a phrase I hear often. When we don’t know how to do certain things…we can ask someone who does. There are situations and moments in life when we need the guidance and support of someone who is where we want to be, has the necessary skills and results. A mentor may be the right answer for you.

My name is Cristina Bara, I’m basically an economist, by passion Coach and Certified Trainer Maxwell Leadership, the largest leadership organization at the international level. My vision is to support and guide people to achieve the potential they were born with. I look around me and see valuable people who deserve a better, more fulfilling, more prosperous life. And you are among them. You have the courage to take steps towards You.