Diana Tiron

Coach, Therapist, Trainer

About myself

My name is Diana Tiron and I’m a coach. It’s more than a job, it’s an identity that I fully identify with. It’s a life philosophy and it’s what I am. I graduated the “Institute of Research and Development of Excellence” where I’ve had the best expert trainers in the field. Currently I’m studying to work in Trans-personal Psychotherapy, under the guidance of some internationally known therapists. I followed the most revolutionary emotional development programs and personal development in the world and I’ve overcome limits I didn’t even dream I’d overcome.

I have over 5 years experience in working with people and currently I work with clients in one on one sessions and group sessions, where I invested all the experience and skills I’ve gained.

Services offered

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I allowed myself to see beyond the illusions, masks and games. We each have a story and many think that we’re the story that we tell ourselves. But I found out that the story doesn’t exist. It’s a creation of the mind, that wants to grow and grow while it kills us. The mind is our friend and enemy. We choose what part of the of the barricade we want to be.

Get out of the story and built yourself the future as you want it!

I’ve started on this journey same as you, from the need to be better, to grow, to evolve. I left the position of client and through study, dedication and passion I got to be a coach myself. Coaching helped me improve the quality of life, opened my gates towards a lovely career and made me be the best version of myself each day.

The need of a coach can come from the desire to reach your dreams, objectives and wishes and it’s not just from the need to repair possible “problems” that are keeping you grounded. It’s about extinguishing the fire or about making fire. It’s about action.