Liviu Macovei

Psychologist, Therapist, Entrepreneur

About myself

My name is Liviu Macovei. I’m an accredited coach, entrepreneur, psychologist and psychotherapist in the Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I followed the coaching classed by SPH Training, I have studied hypnosis and presently I’m in the process to become a psychotherapist in TCG.

I’m passionate about what I do and am always looking for new ideas which I can apply in my workplace with my customers and to do what I know is best: to change mentalities, motivate, encourage and to constructively challenge the irrational and negative thinking, such that each coaching session can have as result changing in mindsets, behavior or attitude.

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Some time ago, about 20 years ago, I got into entrepreneurship, that experience help my ability to understand people and the way they think and act. Most importantly what motivates them to make a change in their lives…or not make it!

I enjoy listening to my clients and to lead them slowly but surely their attention towards themselves, the resources they have within. It’s fascinating to see how finally, their face lights up and they’re determined to try out the solution that they found…because it’s true that…the clients are the biggest experts in their problems!

Imagination, curiosity, determination, ambition, being steady are qualities which I bring into the coaching process, when together with my client we try to find the answer to the question: “How will you know when the change that you want to happen finally happens in your life? What will be different?”

I’m almost convinced that you, same in my case, have read many books about personal development with great interest and curiosity. Self-help materials, maybe psychology books written by big names in the field and it’s wonderful to be self-taught. And yes, new horizons open through introspection and discovering amazing and charming ways (sometimes even seductive) to understand a human being. Still, it’s a threshold that you cannot pass and you cannot go much further in the dialogue with yourself!

To answer your question, coaching changed the way I think over a personal situation, through direct questions and challenges placed by the coach, by the fact that a coach challenged me to dispute some of my irrational beliefs about myself and has looked at me like the man that has the necessary resources to fulfilling their personal desires. And from coachee, I became a coach. Because I wanted that.

I managed through coaching (I was the client of a coach many times), to gain clarity in thinking, concrete action steps, determination and motivation. I understood that in order to change, the challenge lies in myself and I’m the one responsible to observe myself, to actively dispute my thinking style, to keep feeling and to learn new ways to reflect and understand. That’s the magic of coaching!

Here is a good starting point for anyone: the ideas seem clearer when others are involved, but they aren’t as clear and as good when it’s about yourself, is it?

This is what coaching is about and because of this, anyone who needs a coach…because at one time when you’re really involved or close to a problem or situation, you lack the clarity and feel like you’ve explored all possibilities. And you’re still stuck!

But the good part is that you can meet up with a coach, a life coach for example…and everything becomes clearer…like the water of a mountain lake!

And I start asking questions, that may seem simple, but have great impact: “Tell me what you really want for yourself?” or “What would be the first step?” or “What’s the story that you will tell me in a year’s time?”