Mihaela Ionescu

Coach, Hypnotherapist

About myself

I would say about me that what truly defines me is my wish to help women regain or strengthen their self-confidence. Of course I don’t have a magic wand able to change lives in an instant, nobody can do that, but the experiences that I’ve been through, professional dealings and my passion for people will help me to guide you such that you can follow the steps in order to become the most important person in your life – that woman that has trust in herself, that loves life, finds the answers and gets results. I had anxiety for a big part of my life, fear of the unknown, of being abandoned. After 12 years being married where I felt like a prisoner, I chose to put myself first and I started from scratch. Then I realized I don’t know who I am, what I want and what I like, that I’ve always evaluated my happiness depending on the feedback I got from other people, I didn’t know by myself. When I realized and accepted this I became even more depressed than after the divorce. But I also started a new life: 5 years of therapies and classes, of inner work and professional achievements, relationship and womanhood workshops, strategies and techniques for mental transformation, hundreds of hours of audio books of the great spiritual teachers. I found mentors and I’ve integrated their teachings into my life. All made me discover myself and be with you here, guiding you in this process of self-knowledge, by making the journey easie r for you.

Services offered

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I wanted to reach as many people as possible, but also have an educational basis, a training which will ensure me the necessary tools in order to bring clarity in other’s lives. This is how I graduated Coaching school, a revelation for me to see how, by asking questions, you can realize where you’re at, what you want to gain and how to get there. Hypnotherapy has brought me relaxation, helped me quit my old patterns and gain a new perspective on life. It’s a therapeutic technique that’s known worldwide and with the help of hypnosis and through hypnotic trances, I could reach my subconscious, in order to better understand what’s the root cause of the problems that you’re facing. The subconscious mind is the place where we store everything that happened in our lives and hypnotherapy accesses these moments that have put their mark on us, thus having a greater awareness over the situation that bothers you and that you want resolved. By using suggestions and guided imaging, hypnotherapy rewrites the limitative convictions gained or created in time, helps to quit unwanted habits, to get rid of phobia, to have more confidence in yourself, etc.

Today it’s my turn to help other women regain their self confidence and freedom to rule their own lives, by their own rules. I trust you and know that you will get exactly where you want to get. It’s enough just to be decided that you want a change and have the courage to make the decision alone on how your life will look from herein. I will be next to you to motivate you, step by step, with all my heart and trusting that all the methods and techniques I know will lead you safely and surely towards your objectives.


If you have asked me this some time ago, I probably would’ve responded something on the surface, something I think leaves no room for judgment or critique. But now, after all the personal issues I’ve been through and all the experience I gained by working with others, I learned that vulnerability is the key that releases you, which empowers you as a woman and which creates real and authentic connection. My greatest challenge was to learn to love myself. I grew up in a family where I felt misunderstood, like I’m always being compared with others children and I had the permanent feeling that I was not good enough. This later reflected in my relationships, becoming an unsatisfied woman, that lived with the fear of not being left and was always guilty about everything.

It took a large emotional suffering in my life to realize that all this unhappiness which I felt is the consequence of not loving myself, that I don’t know my own worth, I don’t think I’m worthy and I wait for the other person to give me what I cannot give myself. My life started changing in that moment because I started to see and feel things differently. Hypnotherapy helped me a lot, I got back to the past, my inner child and I healed all the wounds, rewritten convictions and identified behavioral patterns.

I worked months with a coach, that helped me see many aspects from my past and realize that it’s always been about me and the others were just acting as mirrors and they guided me with lots of patience on my road. Today I’m an accomplished woman that learned to enjoy herself, to say “I love you” in the mirror and to allow myself to make mistakes. The woman that relaxed and accepts things as they are and has discovered a great satisfaction in inspiring other women to love themselves

Coaching has helped me to rediscover myself, to learn to love myself, to find out what “good” means to me and to achieve the goals on all plans. Coaching is realistic, it’s based on who you truly are here and now, not on what’s good or what’s bad for others. The coach knows to ask the questions that will draw you to the surface, to challenge you, confront you, encourage you to be authentic and to make decisions according to your values.

Another reason that coaching works is because it’s focused on result and action. If psychotherapy answers the question “why am I not all right?” the question that coach knows to give a good answer is “what will I do starting with today, to be better?” simple.

Because coaching helps you to find the answers yourself, I’d like to ask you a question: How do you feel when you start talking about your unhappiness, about your dream, about a plan or do you just want to be listened and the partner must give you tips or find roadblocks? Do you feel listened, understood and accepted?

The difference between a friend and a coach that you talk to about you and your dreams is that one of them will surely listen. A coach will first take care of you, your needs and will help you get closer and closer to your dream and your true self.