Tudor Rusu

Coach and Entrepreneur

About myself

Hey! My name is Tudor Rusu. I’m a coach and trainer, certified member of the John Maxwell Team University. I’m CEO and founder of AmCoach, I love coaching! It’s a really powerful tool that can change your life for the better, if you also want that. You don’t need to know how, just wish it! The Wright brothers are pioneers in aviation and they had this crazy idea that they will make man fly. They didn’t know how to build an airplane, they didn’t know how to pilot it, but that didn’t stop them and if it’s not bad enough, once they reached into the air, they realized they had no idea how to land. Sounds familiar with your life? What made them succeed is the fact that they were aware of a thing: to suspend the need to know how. And they failed countless times and failed badly, but that didn’t stop them because that was their dream and no failure, no matter how big could stop them. It all begins with a small step. Be alongside your coach for this first step towards your dream. If you don’t fight for your dream, nobody else will.

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I like to focus on only one thing at one time, be there 100%. it makes a huge difference when I do this. I think that nothing is random and in this moment my dream is to bring coaching in the lives of as many people as possible, in its purest form.

Coaching has changed my life for the better. It’s brought me clarity, vision and a better understanding in the relationships with the loved ones. This was the reason that made me develop the AmCoach app. Through coaching I managed to lift the barriers (fears) that kept me from growing. There were personal limitations that I accepted, were part of my day to day life but with which I didn’t resonate anymore.

Yes, good question. We all need help in one form or the other in order to achieve what we want. A good coach will help you take control over your life. They will bring you direction, perspective and clarity. They will help you identify your dream and how to turn it into reality, but more importantly, a good coach can help you with your self-knowing process, to find the answers within yourself and not outside.