Mirela Trif

Coach, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist

About myself

I’m a psychologist, coach and hypnotherapist, I worked with people during one on one sessions for four years. I really enjoy it and the fact that the results we reached together are palpable. I’m a very dedicated man in what I do. I was always concerned with my personal development and since I’ve been a teenager I went to many courses, but at some moment, I realized something was missing. This is the moment where I understood that emotional intelligence and therapy are the most effective methods for the harmonious development of every human. I took countless emotional development classes and therapies which helped me achieve the real transformation in my life. Seeing changes in me for the better, I wanted to see it from those around me. Thus, I got to the next stage: I followed a second college, psychology; I also graduated at the same time coaching school and then meditation school. Later I did hypnotherapy.

Services offered

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My first college was Political Sciences. I wanted to help people to be better by understanding the system and hoping I can change it. Then I realized that we shape the system, each of us. This is how I started with myself and I wanted to be better. I followed transforming courses for me and then I went to psychology college, coaching school, I got a degree in hypnotherapy, meditation school and when I felt I was ready, I started working with people. It’s been four years since then and I’ve worked with over 1500 people.

I will answer very briefly. After every certification I got, I realized the following things: coaching is the fastest transforming instrument. And who doesn’t want fast results?

Many times when we are not well, in every aspect of our lives, we can no longer see the solutions. Paradoxically, they are within us, but we’re not yet capable to perceive them. But when I am trapped in these types of situation, I go to a personal coach.

A coach is the person that guides you through the maze of your blockages and makes you “see the light at the end of the tunnel”. It will lead you to action because, definitely, this is the most important aspect. In order to get rid of blockages (whatever they may be) you must act in the correct path, or else you will hit yourself at the same “blocked doors”.